Sunday, April 1, 2012

Team Abnegation!

Project Tell Taylor

Abnegation: The Selfless

I will be my undoing 
If I become my obsession. 

I will forget the ones I love 
If I do not serve them. 

I will war with others 
If I refuse to see them. 

Therefore I choose to turn away 
From my reflection, 
To rely not on myself 
But on my brothers and sisters, 
To project always outward 
Until I disappear. 

*Some members add a final line: 
“And only God remains.” 
That is at the discretion of each member and is not compulsory.

Join Team Abnegation and help them win the #DivergentNation challenge!
You can join at this link
Even if you want to support another faction, please click on this link once a day (
  You'll need to use the  or the view won't count :-/ 
The link will show you faction news(:

Kathy @I Am A Reader Not A Writer is one of the 10 team leaders and there will be lots at her blog(:

On top of that Abnegation has giveaways for its supporters, so check out those links^

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