Thursday, August 16, 2012

[Review] Jhereg by Steven Brust

The first to be published, this is actually the fourth novel in the timeline of the VLAD TALTOS series. The books recount the adventures of the wisecracking hired killer Vlad, a human on a planet mainly inhabited by the long-lived, extremely tall sorcerers known as the Dragaerans. One of the most powerful bosses in the Jhereg--Dragaera's premier criminal organization--hires Vlad, one of their guild members, to assassinate Mellar, who stole millions from the Jhereg leadership and fled. Unfortunately, this thief turns out to be protected in a way that makes it difficult for Vlad to do his job without gaining the permanent enmity of a friend. The reader also learns more about Vlad's past in this, and in other, lives.

In General
You should really read this book xD I'm pretty sure it's a YA book, by the way. 

Regarding the Plot
The plot was really cool :D Vlad was hired to assassinate Mellar (look at description) but basically he runs into a bunch of really interesting (to me) obstacles, such as the fact that Mellar is holed up inside of a castle who's guests are protected. You are not allowed to kill them permanently (you can revive people from the dead if their soul isn't removed) but Vlad needs to do that in order to fulfill his job. Coincidentally, the owner of the castle is one of Vlad's good friends.. Also there are a couple twists and turns in the story line, including the ending, which was quite unexpected (to me at least).

Regarding the Background Information
The background information is really quite necessary in order to understand the book. In this series, this is the 3rd book if you read in chronological order (which should make it mostly nonsense to the reader who hasn't read the others) but it was the first book to be published so the necessary background information was given clearly. I haven't read the others and I found it all intriguing and clear, so hopefully others would too. The information itself is quite interesting, and also presented well.

Regarding the Characters
 I really liked the characters xDD Cawti (Vlad's wife) was an awesome kick-ass female. Apparently she and her partner were told to kill Vlad before (not permanently) because they were assassins >.< Loiosh, his familiar, is also quite funny and a lot of the internal thinking happens through psionic contact (basically telepathy) which makes it a bit more interesting. I also liked Aliera (a sort-of cousin) xD The characters in this book are usually either powerful, smart, witty, kick-ass, or a combination of the four which makes it interesting when they clash as well. And of course Mellar and his incredibly detailed plan was the most amazing of all :)

There are not many. It's just that at times the descriptions are a bit too lengthy, but if you keep reading it'll become interesting again once they start doing other stuff :D

4.5/5 stars from me :P

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