Saturday, February 18, 2012

Howl's Moving Castle (movie) Review

The main character of of this movie is Sofi, a girl who works in the hat shop of her dead father. One day she meets Howl while he saves her from two local boys who intercepted her on the way to her sisters. The Witch of the Waste is unhappy about this and decideds to turn Sofi into an old lady. Sofi decides to take refuge in Howl's castle and travels there. In Howl's castle (along with Howl and his apprentice Markl) lives a fire demon named Calcifer. Calcifer makes a deal with Sofi; if Sofi can break the spell that binds Calcifer to Howl, Calcifer will break the curse on Sofi. Sofi discovers a different type of life at Howl's Castle and decides she likes it, all the while falling slowly in love with Howl. However, how will this "family" survive in the war zone that is currently their homeland?

This movie was quite excellent. Before seeing this, the only movie of Hayao Miyazaki that I had seen was Spirited Away, so I had high expectations. Miyazaki did not disappoint. His characters are utterly amazing! The way he originized the story was also quite wonderful, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. The only thing that actually annoyed me was that at the end of the movie where, out of nowhere, came a love triangle.
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